Same image response for two different dates

I’m getting same image response for two different dates. First date is 2019-01-11 (cloud coverage 21.98%) and second 2019-01-01 (cloud coverage 31.72%).



It seems you are using default configuration, which is set to “Maximum cloud coverage filter = 20%”

With this setting, service will return the last (Mosaic order = Most recent) scene with cloud coverage meta-data less than 20%. In this area, this is the image taken on 2018-12-27.
You can find out, which date the image is from, here:

To get the last available image, I suggest you set Maximum cloud coverage filter to 100%, either within the Configuration utility, or by using MAXCC parameter (MAXCC=100)

Perhaps of interest is also a FAQ describing how to “smarter” filter by cloud coverage:

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