Sentinel Hub QGIS plugin 2.0

Today we released a version 2.0 of Sentinel Hub QGIS plugin. Here are the main new features and changes:

  • Support for different production deployments of Sentinel Hub service.
  • Authentication with a Sentinel Hub OAuth client instead of a configuration instance ID.
  • All layers and data sources are now supported, this includes previously unsupported Sentinel-3 and BYOC data sources.
  • Support for creating QGIS vector layers that use Sentinel Hub WFS service.
  • The plugin now fully works with QGIS 3, support for QGIS 2 has been removed.

The plugin is available in the Official QGIS Plugin repository and can be installed from within QGIS. Feel free send us any questions or a feedback!


If I have existing WMS layers from an instance ID saved as layers in a QGIS project, will the source break if I update the plugin?

Hi @harel.dunn,

Existing QGIS map layer, created in any way, cannot break the plugin. They also won’t be automatically modified or updated by a new plugin version. They can be modified only if a user explicitly chooses new parameters in the plugin and clicks on a button for “Update existing layer”.


I have detected an small problem in the plugin. For example in an NDVI layer. Before, it was possible to download in GeoTiff format32 when you needed to access the NDVI values and work with them in QGIS. Now it only leaves TIFF and it is not possible to download the NDVI values. Do I need to configure something in wms configurator?

If not, I know it can be downloaded from EO Browser. I’ve seen it work. But it is very comfortable from QGIS.

Thanks in advance.


This is actually something that has been recently changed in the Sentinel Hub service. Specifying tiff format depth as a request parameter has been deprecated. Instead, tiff depth can be specified by porting a layer definition to evalscript v3 and defining tiff depth in the layer definition.

For more please check Impacts of the migration to Evalscript V3

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